Why Work At HDI

In HDI, we encourage everybody to become entrepreneurs within the company…as entrepreneurs. We value your passion, ideas and creativity. Working alone or in collaboration of inter-departmental work team in many projects gives you opportunity to grow your personal and professional potential. You will make this company be the best and we will bring out the best of you. We evolve together.

Internship and Apprenticeship Programs

Our interns are the future. We provide near-graduates with the real-world experience that they need to not just swim in corporate waters, but to reach the finish line. We give them jobs that make an impact in our business.

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Our Internship Program

The internship program provides graduating students with their first experience in an actual corporate setting. Its real jobs, real corporate experience ——-far from just assigning them menial jobs that do not add up to honing new skills.

HDI’s internship program is part of the SOURCING phase of HDI’s HR Model called PHASES ——- aptly called such because it goes beyond the conventional functional areas of HR but patterned after the life events that an employee undergoes: from SOURCING, ONBOARDING, RETAINING AND EXITING

On a bigger scale , this program is part of HDI’s commitment towards nation building: the industry/academy partnership on talent management. Schools need to expose their students to actual corporate experience; HDI willingly does this for them. Interns from colleges and universities form part of the usual talent pool for most employers –and HDI is no stranger to this practice. But what sets us apart from other employers is that we make sure interns obtain a positive experience during their stint here. We recognize that an internship is a person’s first taste of corporate life, and truth be told, it’s a life event. And that phase of their life event has to be meaningful. Meaningful means giving them actual jobs to do and learn from and not relegate them to duties like filing, photocopying or worse, asking them to make coffee for the boss..

Feedback is an essential component of this program: the intern assesses the activities that he goes through and he himself is assessed by the company. This feedback is used by the company to continuously enhance the program —- part of our evolving initiatives.

And after graduation, what are their chances of being hired? Happily, it has been a mutually beneficial experience for HDI. Actively employed with us are former interns from various schools and disciplines. Starting off from the most junior levels, some have now been promoted to higher positions. These former interns , now employees, proves HDI’s being true to its MISSION: that our businesses are learning environments that allow people to better themselves and their community.

Our Apprenticeship Program

Our Apprenticeship Program is focused on talent development where successful graduates of the program could look forward to a career in HDI: fresh graduates (considered as greenhorns or raw talents) are tapped to undergo a structured apprenticeship program where pre determined activities are administered. It is a pass or fail program.


The program seeks to provide a ready talent pool for positions that are difficult to fill-up due to limitations in the talent market. It is position specific and requires subject matter experts as facilitators of learning. The program uses a varied combination of classroom lectures, actual immersion on the job practical application of learning to actual job scenarios, evaluation of the participants, evaluation of the course and evaluation of the subject matter experts.

Successful completion means employment with HDI. Prior to the giving of the actual employment contracts, candidates further undergo a suitability testing to determine fitness for the position. The results of this assessment test further supports the results of the evaluation obtained by the apprentices. It is also used to uncover their other strengths and areas for improvement which may guide the team in creating developmental plans for the apprentices for the positions that they were considered for.

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