Grand Opening Learning Center Pangkalan Bun

Commitment to Facilitate Downlines

On 16 April 2017 in Bhayangkara Road, Simpang Tiga, Pinang Merah, Pangkalan Bun, the Grand Opening of the Pangkalan Bun Learning Center was officially held. The event, which began at 9.00, started off with a registration session for invited guests, MC opening, speeches from HDI Management, as well as speeches by the owners of the Pangkalan Bun Learning Centers, Mrs. Rosita and Mr. Haryanto. Also present in the event were representatives of the HDI Management, Mr. M. Hadid Putra and Mrs. Adiarti Nursasanti and Mr. Cahya Sayuta.

At the event, Mrs. Rosita and Mr. Haryanto revealed what drove them to build the Pangkalan Bun Learning Center. “At first, I was doubtful about making this tranformation. But when I heard the testimonies from other Learning Centers, I took a leap of faith and transformed. Turns out everything they said is true, from attracting people to come to the center, to the prestige. Compared to other offices such as insurance and even banks, HDI Learning Center looks the best. Moreover, I was also determined to facilitate my downlines so they can be more confident in running this business,” said Mrs. Rosita and Mr. Haryanto.

On this occassion, Mrs. Rosita and Mr. Haryanto also conveyed their hope for the Pangkalan Bun Learning Center in the future, which is to be able to serve people in the Pangkalan Bun area, and even as far out as Lamandau and Sampit. Although, its reach will be in the form of partnerships such as a Product Center or a Family Center, so that HDI’s network in Central Kalimantan can grow even bigger and make more profit.